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2 mg to go, struggling


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Im glad to say that I am down to 2mg of Valium. I was at 3mg of klonopin (60 mg of valium equivalent) in November. I am going down by .5mg every week or two and I would say even when I level out for a couple weeks its just been getting steadily more difficult. My skin, especially in my upper body is so sensitive (I guess this is called allodynia/ parathesia) that I Can only wear very light and smooth fabrics. I get stressed just going to the grocery store.


And by far the worst issue is the blanking out. Its hard to explain but i see it as a mix of concentration/ADD, feeling overstimulated by ....everything, and anticipatory anxiety. I am aware that I am understanding everything after the fact but in the moment when im watching the news the words just seem empty and disjointed. It started almost 5 months ago but its just more present and what bothers me a lot is that it happens wven when im not "physically stressed and anxious". The best analogy i can come up with is trying to watch something during a blizzard, or carrying on a conversation during a rock concert. Does this sound familiar to anyone?


Rationally i know its just a symptom but when you cant even relax with TV/reading, its just rather isolating. There are days where i just stay in bed just to avoid the percieved failure of understanding what Spongebob just said :(


Did anyone noticed that their taper could really rough towards the end? Did anyone have to slow down the taper rate towards the end?

Its just been rough. 

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I am sorry you are struggling with the lower doses.  You have done such a great job getting to this point.


I myself have not experienced this as I am still mid taper.  I have read many have issues when they get low it seems. 

Slowing down will usually help. If you reduced 2.5mg down to 2 that is a 20% cut.  The recommended is 5-10%.


I know some have gone to DLMT on the lower doses and it made it easier to make those smaller reductions.  This may be something you could search.


I wish I had more to add. Hang in there you are getting closer.



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