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Severe problem with therapist


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Hello, I know this is going to sound extreme ... I have a serious problem .  I have been trying to find a new therapist, very hard.  I am having political problems with my psychiatrist and psychologist..  I have never been needy , but the way I feel on this drug has made so.  I wanted to leave my psycuatirt and told my internist I was, but was afraid to not have one so didn’t.  Well they all talk.  I saw my psychologist yesterday... he obviously heard this....said if I didn’t do the psychiatrists taoer he  couldn’t

See me anymore.  I would have no doctors.. no prescription.  I know I am making poor choices... does Xanax make you do that?  So I have been having symptoms from the taper.,.he said I was getting something out of this situation.  No clue of my suffering.  So out of fear of no md..,did the taper tonite ofb1 1/2 tablets from 1 1/2 and 1/8 tablets after being on it for 9 days.  Woke up with some burning...scared.  I should be in more  able to stand up fir myself.  I feel bullied.  I have never been such a dependent person..,, if this is a disaster should I go back to 1 1/2 and 1/8?  I know nosupposed to do that.  They are very rigid.  I know the politics are my fault... I don’t trust my psychiatrist .. I haven’t trusted her since she prescribed this drug and didn’t help me off months ago. 

They have a much different take on the Ashton methiod... never heard if it etc. 

Laughed at  tappering wheN you feel ready as opposed to on schedule and that it could hurt your health  or outcome.  He says I will be fine.  I am a mess on this drug.... I would appreciate suggestions.  I can’t work with these people...wish I could walk away...I think my internist is done too.  Is it the Xanax making me scared anmaking poor choices?  Feeling abused Elise

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