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Hello with sincere gratitude. I consider myself a Benzo harm survivor and I'm back to offer my help and hope. I had been prescribed a couple different Benzodiazepines over the course of 12 years by board-certified psychiatrists. These dangerous medications were given to me to help me "cope and function" with paralyzing anxiety and the resulting depression that followed. I actually had one psychiatrist assure me I needed to keep up with my benzos to be the best wife and mother I could be. When I made the decision to end my dependence on Klonopin, my whole life was turned upside down into a terrifying, confusing, and excruciatingly painful mess for years. I often turned to this website during my taper for help and hope, and it was truly the only link to my reality I ever found. I'm beyond blessed to say I consider myself a survivor and on the other side of the crisis that dominated my life. I've been working with the friend of a friend who is trapped in this fresh hell and it's brought up so many horrible memories and reminders of where I once was. I feel a responsibility to be here now both to learn about the latest thinking on benzo recovery but to offer my help to others.
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Hello SurvivorSuzCalifornia, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


I'm so glad to know you're on the other side of this nightmare and sorry you had to go it alone but it's good you tapped into BenzoBuddies even if you didn't join.  You're a good friend to help another through this but I understand how this could bring up fresh memories.


Unfortunately there isn't anything new in the fight against this epidemic, we're using the same methods Professor Ashton pioneered, its stood the test of time.  I'm thrilled you're willing to help others, we don't have enough who have recovered helping reassure our thousands of members, so welcome.


Please make yourself at home.



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