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Thanks for welcoming me.


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I was on on 3 mg of Ativan daily for  13 years, I never had problems with them for years and years. I guess I hit tolerance  at some point and they weren't working the same. So I started to taper through my psychiatrist. Once I got down to one milligram they switched me to Klonopin. I tapered that 1 M Klonopin down to nothing.  This took me years because I had no guidance or education on how to taper properly. I was off for a few months had some traumatic experiences and got extreme rebound anxiety. So I reinstated at 0.5 milligram Klonopin. I wasn't doing the proper things I should have been while I was off. I was microdosing having alcohol from time to time not eating right. Etc. I was just recently almost off again ready to jump at around 0.125 mg. I recently had some serious setbacks and my doctor put me back on 1mg. I was having extreme panic and did not know what else to do. So now I'm starting all over again with a taper from 1 mg and planning to do everything the proper way. I'm very afraid and I need support because my symptoms are worse than they've ever been.
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Hello Nozomu and welcome to BenzoBuddies,


I am glad you have found our website.  I recently finished tapering from Klonopin and I kept wishing "life" would stand still until I got off but that was not the case for me either!


Goodness, those symptoms can be rough.  I've put a link below for you to the Withdrawl Support board:


Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


Take your time and get acquainted with BenzoBuddies.  I trust that like I did, you will find the information and support you need here for your journey.  When you feel ready, you can start a thread.  Our team and members are here to support you.


Best, and again, a warm welcome to you,



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