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Tapering off Ativan - GAD & OCD


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Hello all, I've joined because I'm trying to taper off ativan, however I'm stimultaneously going through a seriously stressful life event. I suffer from extreme anxiety and obsessional thinking, and my 'clever' psychiatrist thought that needed them daily. I started at 1.5 mg daily in August 2019 and I'm currently at 5mg daily (down from 6). I am concerned about tapering futher due my my personal circumstances and I have contacted professional help to get further advice. My aim was to taper 0.5mg per month, but I don't feel I can endure any futher anxiety or distress.


Best wishes to all & thanks.

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Hello jay756 and welcome to BenzBuddies,


I'm glad you have found our community.  Many of us have had to hold our dose during a taper because of life circumstances.  I recently tapered off Klonopin after long-term use but I held for a while when Covid began in earnest because of anxiety.  If at all possible, flexibility in a taper schedule is preferred.


I've put a link below for you to the Ativan Support Group where you will find information and a community of people who are or have been where you are:


Ativan Tapering Thread


Take you time and get your footing and when you feel ready, you can start a thread.  Let us know how we can help you.





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Hello Kate,


Many thanks for your message, advice, and link to the Ativan tapering thread,


Best wishes,



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