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Substituting Valium for my remaining Xanax doses...?.Ashton-like?


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Hey folks!


Relatively quick (I hope) questions..been tapering Xanax since 3/5/20 from 3.0 to current, .75mg/day.  As u know it gets trickier to reduce when one gets to the smaller doses of a drug..I am wondering if it is FEASIBLE/smart? to just switch over to an equivalent dosage of Valium (without substituting doses during the day) instead of deleting one Xanax dose and taking a Valium dose.?...Meaning, .75 Xanax is approximately equivalent to 15 mg of Valium "ish"..(at least I saw that somewhere)..Would it be OK for me to just start taking the 15 mg of Valium for my dose instead of the Xanax?..


Reading Ashton's manual it seems that daily doses should be eventually phased out from current drug to Valium?..Has anyone just started taking the Valium, without all that phasing out?


Gosh, I hope I made sense in my queries above... :-\ :-\


Much thanks in advance for any wisdom from you sages..:)





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Valium takes longer to build up in your system than Xanax, this is the beauty of Valium because its also slower to leave which gives you that longer acting benefit.  If you make an abrupt switch you're going to be pretty much left without any benzo in your system until it builds up and with Xanax being so short acting, I would imagine you're not going to feel well for a few days or possibly a week or two.


Valium also comes with it's own issues, some members can't tolerate it because of the sedation and depression and have to switch back but others go on to successfully taper from it.


Is there a reason you want to switch other than the pills are getting difficult to cut?  Have you considered dry titration?

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