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Ativan Taper - Odd Sensations - Tingling


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I'm withdrawing from Ativan. One of the more annoying symptoms, which I also had while on it (as I became tolerant) is a hard-to-describe "tingling" or "electric" sensation in my arms, sometimes my head, and even sometimes in my sinuses or legs. There are times I can even feel it in my teeth. It's similar to the feeling one might get when tasting something very sour or bitter. There are times it tingles so much I get goosebumps on my arms. This can happen even when I'm hot, so it's nothing to do with being chilled. This coincides with a bit of a general "unwell" feeling. This is NOT goosebumps or chills in any good way.


This sensation, though not painful and not super intense, is just very distressing to me. I have such an aversion to it, especially because it's worsened as I've tapered. There are times I want to take a whole Ativan just to try to relieve it, which would be a major setback. My anxious mind is saying "what if it won't go away," "what if it's not the withdrawal but rather a neurological disorder," etc.


Does anyone have any idea what sensation I'm trying to refer to?

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Hi, I get tingling in my legs. Reminds me of electricity. Your sx def sound like bwd to me. If you are nervous you could get checked for leave of mind. Mine gets better as I hold. I does drive you nuts!
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Hello Room,


I do get a tingling sensation not so much electric. Mine is more like a tingly heat sensation. Mostly in my feet and legs. Sometime arms and my face. It comes and goes. I know these symptoms can be scary and in our state the fear can set in and cause us to hyper focus on it.  Taking an Ativan now will not guarantee it will go away.


Our Benzo influenced minds bring fear and lie to us. Sometimes having things checked out can ease my mind.

Hang in there.



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