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Benzo Flu 8 months In


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Hi - just a quick question. I had a relatively straightforward acute withdrawal followed by four months of being absolutely fine. I was hit by a wave much bigger than acute at M6. Sxs include severe depression/OCD/anxiety. I’ve started taking Trazodone for it.


But it’s the physical symptoms I’m struggling most with now. Exhausted, flu like sensations, aches and pains etc. Is this common occurrence in the protracted withdrawal? I thought it might have been COVID but it’s not.


Has anyone any experience of this?

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Hi winner,


Same happened to me round month 8 altjough I never had window before that, the flu like sx just added on plus extremely worsened neurological sx.


It started just couple hrs after I got infected with covid.


How did you know yours is not from covid?





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I just got a test. Negative. Wife had one too just in case and she was negative.


Sounds like we are on similar paths. Neurological stuff is intense for me along with “flu” symptoms.

How far into withdrawal are you and have you had a better time since M8?



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