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Been of benzo a month. When can my brain start to function again?


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I was wondering when my brain can be able to calm me again? I've lost that function taking Valium for 8 years and now I have been off over a month. How long time does it generally take for my brain to heal? I have no way to feel relaxed or calm myself without benzo at the moment. I don't feel at ease at all.
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I'm sorry you're feeling so uneasy.  This isn't at all unusual in benzo withdrawal - unfortunately it isn't possible to predict how long it will take to heal.  It's different for everyone.


Anxiety in early withdrawal is one of the hardest symptoms to deal with.  We're so accustomed to reaching for a pill - now without that we need to learn new ways to calm ourselves.  It's hard but it's possible with practice. 


For starters it's important to regularly do things like healthy eating, drinking enough water, gentle exercise and as much rest as you can get, staying away from alcohol and for some, staying away from caffeine and minimizing sugar. Distracting yourself from your anxious feeling by putting your energy into productive activities, hobbies, crafts etc. is really helpful too.


It can help us get through these early days to develop a tool box of techniques and practice them daily:

deep slow breathing

soothing, calming music


positive visualization

affirmations (I am healing, this will pass, I am ok, etc.)


You'll find a lot of good tips here: Anxiety     


Hang in there -  even when the drug is out of your system is healing and it takes time.


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