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Off Klonopin Day 8


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It's been a long while since I've been on this site. I had finally started getting more aggressive with tapering off Klonopin. I am still taking Xanax, 1mg twice daily. I've been on these two meds for years due to very severe anxiety.


My psychiatrist had been pushing me to get off either Klonopin or Xanax because she didn't want to prescribe both (understandably). So, she let me go at my own pace. I tapered very slowly until I was literally on 0.25mg a week. Well, I jumped 8 days ago right before I took a week off from work.


I haven't really been experiencing any major side effects but then I've been home away from work and not going out, etc. I'm started to feel nervous again as my vacation is nearing an end and I will be going back to work Monday. My senses are heightened... Trouble sleeping.. But no full blown anxiety attacks yet. Do you think I will experience withdrawal symptoms this late from Klonopin or is my mind just playing tricks on me because I'm about to go back to work? Is the worst of the withdrawal over? Is it all in my head? I was on 0.25mg a week for 3 weeks before jumping.

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Hi teardrop-


The body continues healing even after the drugs are out of your system.  Many of us have found that when we experience new stress in our lives, our symptoms can increase.  I imagine that for you anticipating returning to work might feel stressful so it makes sense that you're feeling an increase in anxiety.  There's really no way to predict but it can help to accept ahead of time that your system may take some time to adjust as you enter this upcoming change in your daily routine.


Take care,


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