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Can't nap


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Hello, I have been unable to find anyone who suffers these two symptoms; does anyone have difficulty taking a nap due to panic attacks? I see a lot of posts on insomnia, but this is not that. I wake up utterly exhausted everyday. I get so sleepy and my eyes are weak and swollen. However, I cannot fall asleep because when I close my eyes or attempt to relax and fall asleep, I become very tense with what feels like a panic attack. My chest tightens and these waves of adrenaline run through me with anxiety in my stomach. I know that it is more than fatigue because it is in my eyes. Caffeine does not correct the tiredness in my eyes. In fact, other than causing a panic attack, caffeine does nothing for my fatigue or overly tired eyes. I have to limit my time outside because the sun does not revive me, but makes me even more tired with yawning. Anyone else experience tiredness like this with an inability to sleep?
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