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Hello All


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Good morning all, I joined the forum yesterday because my mom had been taking 10mg of Valium, first started about two years ago and she then took them sporadically so as to not run out since she did not have a prescription. Then, she got a hold of a new pack of pills in June and took them every day until about four weeks ago. She stopped cold turkey without knowing of the dangers and has been suffering horrible withdrawal symptoms. I have gotten as educated as possible about the topic and would like to know about first-hand experience with this so I can continue to help her and support her throughout this long and difficult journey.
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Hi Lo999:  So sorry your mom is suffering...but its nice to see a family member trying to be better informed on the dangers of benzos.


It would be helpful is you could state the med and dosage/amt she was taking so you can be better advised. Just so you know there is a risk of seizure after going CT off of the meds so please monitor her closely. When did she CT? Ideally she should probably reinstate the med at a safe dose and then start a slow taper. Her body is going through a living hell right now as I'm sure you are aware.


This is a long journey and and very trying one to say the least. She will need your support and love. Here are some links to help you better assist her.

Family-member Support GroupPlanning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)Withdrawal Support (during your taper)


We often refer to the works of Dr. Ashton in this as well:

The Ashton Manual


and so you know what to possibly expect:

Withdrawal Symptoms


So many have recovered over the years from some very horrible situations.. ct and more. Please have hope that healing happens.

We're here for you both.

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