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Direct tapering off of .75 Xx..question re: micro tapering?..


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Hi folks!

Quick question(s)..and I'm SURE someone out there in "BenzoLand" knows the answer..been trying 2 educate myself about "dry micro tapering"..as u know, when getting down to the smaller daily doses of Xanax in dry tapering, it becomes harder to do!!:(:(...so been researching dry/weighing tapering plus the liquid titration methods..weighing the options..no pun intended..:)...Dry micro tapering: Would I use a 1 mg Xanax tablet EACH day, shave it to the appropriate weight (whatever that is).. but how would I go about then DIVIDING up that shaven pill into multiple doses?..or do I?..and what's to be done with the excess Xanax shavings?..kinda seems a waste to toss them..:/

Am still muddling thru all of the options..gee, .75 is such a low dose (seems)..ALMOST tempted to just quit taking the junk...(but I won't)

Been tapering Xanax since 3/20 from initial 2.75..to current .75...


Much thanks 4 any feedback in advance!





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Did you ever figure this out? Sorry nobody replied. I believe that Xanax comes in doses as low as 0.25mg. That would solve the problem for you in the medium term, you could take one of those 3x per day. With the scales it becomes a math problem. Multiply the weight of the pill in mg by 0.75 and then divide by the number of doses you take in a day. It's fiddly for sure. A top tip from me is that you really don't want chopping up pills to be in your normal routine. For that reason, I think it's best to prepare doses for the week ahead.


Don't be fooled. It's not a big dose but it's not an insignificant dose either.

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