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complete incontinence and burning


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Hi jasmine,


If you haven't already I suggest you contact your doctor to make sure it's not a urinary tract infection.


Take care

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This sounds like a urinary tract infection.  If you have these symptoms, you need to go to a doctor and get the antibiotics.


I agree that it would be best to see the doc for a test to see if you need antibiotics. Avoid quinolone antibiotics.

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I have heard about one person in withdrawal having incontinence and not having the feeling to know when to pee.

She had to put herself on a toileting schedule.


She was a nurse. Carrie, and a presenter at the Benzo symposium in 2017, her husband Bernie had helped organize the event and they also helped start and run the Benzoreform.org website.


That said, best to get checked out for an infection, if tests come back negative, then it might be related?


I've also heard of others that had to wear diapers etc.


Not sure this helps, but be careful of antibiotics, but also if you need them you need them.



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For what it’s worth I read that urinary retention and frequency is a documented side effect.


I second the Cipro response. I had a very bad reaction to it while on benzos but had taken it prior, multiple times, without incident.

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