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Getting back on track after Alcohol-Induced Setback. Help, Please.


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After 2.5 months of a slow taper from Xanax, I was feeling quite well and had a few glasses of wine per week for a couple weeks. On the 4th of July, I had 2 gin and tonics. That night I became sick with withdrawal symptoms. . back to square one. In the 9 days since I have felt slightly better each day, but still feeling extreme fatigue and significant GI upset (my primary symptoms category). During this time since the setback, I have been holding at my lowest dose - the dose I was taking when the setback occurred.  My PCP switched me to the equivalent dose of Valium 5 days ago.


I am uncertain what I should be doing now to get back on track. Do I continue with my current dose and suffer the symptoms until my GABA receptors adjust? Do I up my dose until the symptoms are under better control, before proceeding with my slow taper?


Please, if you have experience with this situation, I would deeply appreciate hearing from you. What are some of the factors for me to consider before making a decision?


For the record, I will NEVER drink alcohol again. .. . and feel foolish for having done so during my taper. I was just feeling so well, optimistic, and remembered the comment in Dr. Ashton's manual that light drinking need not be problematic. Clearly it is a problem for my physiology.


Thanks so much for any insights you can share.





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Hello JustHope,


It's a rude awakening to have a wave of withdrawal symptoms after trying to enjoy an alcoholic beverage. Most people are unable to tolerate alcohol while tapering. While Dr. Ashton does state it might not be problematic for most people, in my years here I've read a lot of  negative reports about alcohol use.


It's important to remember that alcohol targets the same receptors in the brain as benzos. I've heard alcohol referred to as a 'liquid benzo'.  So now you've upset the apple cart a little, what to do?


I personally would stay the course in terms of the taper.  You will have to live with the results of the alcohol use until your system settles down.  You had some alcoholic beverages over a period of a couple of weeks, it may take a while for your system to recover from this.


I see you plan to stay away from alcohol now, this is a good decision.  I didn't partake of any alcohol until I had been totally healed for a significant length of time.  Now I can enjoy a glass of wine on occasion with no ill effects, but I'm really not a big drinker.


I hope this wave lightens up for you soon.  '


pianogirl  :smitten:

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Thank you for your reply, Piano Girl,


You provided me with encouragement to stay the course with my dose and a few days later I am stabalizing and almost ready to resume the healing process with a microtaper on Valium.


Stay safe and well!


Just Hope  :smitten:

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If you have strong symptoms maybe it's better to avoid fighting through them


I have always fought through the withdrawals and forced lower doses but apparently it increases the chances of having more problems and protracted withdrawals



If I had to start all over again I would probably not have rushed everything and suffered so much



I was thinking of trying some drinking but your story has helped squash that idea lol


Best of luck.  Just try to be patient and do things as comfortably as possible

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I had alcohol setback that was quite scary. I could generally have a glass or 2 of wine with food although I usually avoided it. at a birthday I gave in and had a few to many with mates. I woke up in a shocking state and it took about a week to return to my then normal. our bodies are to sensitive right now. at least you know the trigger and what to avoid. I think a lot of us have made that mistake.


Stay the course you will hopefully level out from this setback.



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