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Hormone Pregnenolon can prevent tolerance of benzos and help to ease withdrawal


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I finallly arrived in the world of the hormones in my studies and I was quiet surprised that this was discovered long time ago.



Found in:


Reddy et al.: Chronic neurosteroid treatment prevents the development of morphine tolerance and attenuates abstinence beha- vior in mice. European Journal of Pharmacology Volume 337, Issue 1, 15 October 1997: 19-25.



The more I learn about our hormones, the less I understand why they even developed ADs, benzes, and so on.

It is so easy to find out if you suffer from a lack or too high hormonal level and to fix it. You don't even have to swallow the hormone, it can also be made by adjusting diet and life style. But you need someone to have a look into your blood. that's all. Instead I see people with little problems been trapped in psychiatric system and they are told they just have to work on their mood or skills. - you cannot do that, when a hormone is not in the correct level. its just not possible.


I just walked though the medical library here. grabbed 2 books and already found several studies and results about benzos.

We are told there are no studies, there is no research... well, I will continue but I dont have to make a big effort it seems..


For me, working on my hormones is the last step of recovery and I already see good results and it is real healing. Not covering a symptom.

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