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Benzo effect on cellulite???


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Hi everyone,


Just wondering if anyone knows if benzos, Valium/diazepam in particular, have an effect on the creation of cellulite?


I was at 5mg for about 9 months before and suddenly went up to 10mg for about 4 months. Prior to my updose, i had very little cellulite, and it only occcured on the back of my thighs. Four months after my updose, i have a SIGNIFICANT ammount more, even in strange places like my calves. NEVER had it there before.


Im just wondering if theres some kind of direct correlation between the 2 cuz i cant understand how this could get so bad in such a short period of time and it appears to directly coincide with the time of my updose.


Thanks in advance!

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Wow, so it ISNT just me :o :o Boy, this stuff really messes us up in more ways than i ever though..

I wonder if this issue gets better or subsides once we become free of it completely, or if there is a way to strengthen the matrix under the skin than the fat is pushing through?  I knkw vitamin C is goid for collagen..

I wish i knew exactly what the phisiological cause of ybis phenonmenon is..


Thanks for sharing!


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