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Question, has anyone had experience with medical supervised detox-inpatient.


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Has anyone done a medical detox in the hospital. Inpatient center where they help mitigate the symptoms and monitor you?


We called a facility today and they said it takes about 5-7 days to detox off benzos, where they hospitalize you and help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. Plus you are medically supervised.

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Lilly Duck,


I did do an inpatient treatment 18 months ago.  At the time I did not know benzos were my problem.  I was drinking to mitigate the crazy going on in my mind and I went inpatient for alcohol.


Inpatient will give you a 5 to 7 day valium treatment to "detox" you. What I now know is it isn't that easy to get off benzos.  Inpatient is also a culture centered on addiction.  While I know I was in tolerance and interdosing withdrawal I never abused my prescriptions or used them to get high.  Everything was prescribed and used according to the doctors orders.  If you choose to go inpatient be aware they are going to treat you as an addict. Nothing inherently wrong with that, but I do not believe I am an addict.


I came out of inpatient and was good for awhile.  I did hit some acute withdrawal symptoms last summer.  It was a hard time but I made it through.


At the end of the day you need to decide what is best for you.  Inpatient does take you out of all your everyday responsibilities and gives you the time to just take care of yourself.  It also throws you into CT withdrawal.  If I had to do it over knowing what I now know I would have skipped in patient and done a slow tapper.  But that's me




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In all of my years here and after reading thousands of posts, I've only run across one member who said it was worth it.  Most are ripped off the drug too quickly and sent home to suffer, they then reinstate and do a slow taper. 


I checked into a detox facility, this was my experience.  Pamster’s Success Story

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I went to detox in a facility that had 24 hour medical staff. I was the only one there for benzos but I had to attend all the classes and 12 step nightly meetings. They completely cold turkeyed me when I walked through the door and gave me phenobarbitol the first night and monitored my BP every hour for the first 24 hours.


It was a nice facility and they gave me a deal of half price $1025 a day because I paid in cash. The staff was very nice and I still keep in touch with some. They knew about benzos but they treat me with much respect and basically catered to my needs as far as comfort. It was rough but I fought through and stayed 21 days before I demanded to be let out.


If I had to do over again I would stay home and do a slow taper and I am sure I would be 100% by now. So basically I paid someone $23000 cash to rip me off medication.


Good luck in whatever you choose.





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