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Hi Everyone!  I have just begun a taper to 5mg from 10mg Ambien which I have been using at varying doses for over 10 years for insomnia which began during menopause.  My doctor wants me off the drug since over the past 2 years I have started to suffer from worsening muscle/nerve pain, anxiety etc. following a relatively minor back injury.  I have high hopes that this will finally bring me back my sense of well-being and good health!
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Hello Deanna2020, Welcome to BenzoBuddies!


You've made a good decision to get off of the Ambien, I took this drug too and found I began to have interdose withdrawal because it's got such a short half life.  I was miserable waiting for bedtime to feel relief from all sorts of awful symptoms.  It also caused me some horrific depression, so I hope that getting off of it benefits you like it did me.


Can you tell us when you made the 5 mg cut to your dose, that seems like a fairly large reduction, some can get off of this drug by taking big bites out of it, others have to reduce very slowly.


Here is a link to our taper board in case you'd like to see the methods we support.  Planning your taper (Taper Plans)


If you'd like to connect with others you can start a thread on the Withdrawal Support (during your taper) board to talk about your symptoms.


Please let us know how we can help, we're glad you're here.




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