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Best time to start taper after coming out of a failed attempt...


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Upon poor advice from my primacy care doctor, I ended up quitting clonazepam CT too early and ended up with debilitating panic disorders that wouldn't let me function for almost a whole week. I am just now starting to get back to some semblance of normalcy, as I am back to taking my clonazapem at the right times consistently. I feel as though I can return to work and get my life going again, albeit slowly.


But when should I consider myself ready for a taper? Does it take time to prepare, mentally and physically? I just don't think I could do something like so soon after my recovery. It felt really traumatic and I am trying my best to put that horrendous week out of my mind so I can move on.


Is it ok to wait a month, or would that just be prolonging things? I mean I am only now getting back to eating regular meals, regaining my appetite, feelings of laughter, can finally watch TV without drifting off, etc.

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I'm sorry you went through a rough time quitting clonazepam CT.  It's great you're thinking strategically about how to approach quitting again in the best way!


There's no set time for when you're ready to taper.  As you think about and prepare to taper, here are some things I think are important in order to be in the best frame of mind: 


Feeling committed to quitting benzos for good

Looking at taper plans, (Planning Your Withdrawal (Taper Plans)) posting questions, and choosing a taper plan, remaining flexible in case you need to tweak your taper

Feeling confident that you have the strength to manage symptoms, knowing that your slow careful taper will keep symptoms to a minimum.

Maintaining healthy habits - healthy diet, plenty of fluids, moderate exercise etc.

Developing practices that are soothing and calming


Good for you thinking ahead this way!


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