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The last mg of valium... needing a Yoda to get thru this mess


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I'm currently at .75 mg valium after 14 months.

And symptoms that I had when in tolerance & interdose are coming back.

I do have decent days  occassionally but the bad days seem worse and I'm having new symptoms like nausea, spastic jerking,etc.....which are freaking me out because I developed hypochondria during this.....which is awesome in a not awesome kind of way. Hormones are kicking my tail.

Ovulation and right before my period messes with me bad since hitting 2mg.

I always think I'm dying of something and internally freak out imagining my 5 kids not having a mom. That's ramped up and is very much like the 18 months I spent in tolerance and interdose not knowing what was going on.


I'm currently reducing my dose by .25 every couple weeks..... I really want to just be done I feel like I have paid my dues to be honest.

This journey is no respecter of what I want for sure,so I guess I will have to play by its rules.


I do have enough stocked pills to take about 3 months to finish this last .75mg..... I would like to coast off with as few symptoms as possible ( especially the hormone stuff. Symptoms are brutal during high hormone times)


Any guidance on how to finish this thing up and smooth out these more intense spikes?


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Hi 5Yearsand5Kids -


You have done a slow taper which is great. I think you have set yourself up for success when you step off. Some walk off at .5 and others at .25 - my plan is to walk off at 0 if I need to. I am at 2.3mg now so have a little bit more to go for sure.


I would post this question in the 3:2:1 Valium support group as you might get more answers there too. Find someone who is at your same low dose or jumped recently and PM them.


Listen to you body. I don't know anything about hormones as I am a guy but I do know how brutal it is to taper as I get lower. Going from 10mg to 3mg was so much easier then it is now.


I want you to be symptom free when you step off and afterwards.


Sending you tons of support and a virtual hug!



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