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Severe H, thinking about giving up coming off benzos. Thoughts?


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I'm not sure if Ativan has made my H worse. All I know is right now it's the only thing taking the edge of the sound sensitivity, and it's gotten bad enough I am in pure "survive at all costs" mode. I've barely started tapering and my H, which has me housebound and debilitated and is awful, is pure hell. I still probably have lymes. I'm trying to survive my parents constantly making me take anxiety meds and threatening to kick me out of the house. I don't know if I can get off the Ativan right now, even though I'm sure its hurting me. It often feels paradoxical and the tolerance/interdose withdrawal is very clear.


So, maybe I should switch to Klonopin if I'm going to stay on it? Being already in tolerance/withdrawal, I'm afraid I would have to not just switch but updose a little to be stable and feel "good" on it, but right now it may be something I need to do just to stay alive and survive right now...


Does anyone have any advice for this situation?

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