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I have not been on here in a long time as a regular poster and wanted to give an update.


I was on here for a year or so after I  jumped in 2015.


I had been taking Baclofen until September of 2018 after being on that for 5.5 years for another condition and am going through all this a bit again.


Here are some observations of what I have learned and what I think we all know.


Alcohol generally makes you feel worse (of course) and avoiding it and coping will help you have a better, smoother life emotionally, health wise, anxiety wise.

Get as much sleep as you can.  My sleeping quality is not great as in not refreshing still.  I am not sure if this is permanent but it is what it is.  You still have to try.

Don't beat yourself up for setbacks, i.e. I had a most of a 90 day supply of Klonopin left when I quit and days after a night of a few beers or whatever would do a pinch so my day would not be too bad.  I'm out now after 3.5 years and am not too worried about it.  It's nice not to feel like I need it.

Manage your expectations.  Most of us are anxious people to begin with.  You may not ever feel as in control as you did when you were younger, prior to benzos etc. but if you keep your brain healthy, as stress free as possible and substance free as possible you may not feel great all the time but will probably be more stable and stability is important.

Exercise when you can, push yourself to do it at times.  It can be walking, pushups, swimming, bike riding.  It helps.

Eat right.  Try to avoid sugar, and unhealthy eating in general. 

If you have any other chronic health issues do your best to stay as on top of them as you can.


And hang in there.  Just hang in there and when you find moments of hope note them mentally and know you are at least having good moments from time to time. That's important.


That's it. 


I had a chronic pain problem I sort of have under control right now and that has helped a lot.  Good days are ones where I accept I may always have issues but realize I can still have good moments and a good life is possible and happening even if it's in small amounts to be taken with anxious ones and ones where I don't feel so good.





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