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After a ton of research on medical Privacy did you know that there is no telling how your medical information in these signatures can be used in the future? Aren't there young people on here?


The Internet is always changing. I don't know one housewife in the real world who knows what a proxy is or how to use one.  Now we're not supposed to put anything on the Internet that we wouldn't to shout from the rooftops.


But when I was almost out of college people thought it was "creepy" that you could find your own address on the Internet, with a Map of directions to your house.


In 10 more years, who knows. But now that Employers are checking Facebooks Acoounts and things are changing faster than the Average Joe can keep up, is there ANY concern for people on here about the Future of young people with reputations of drug addiction, mental illnesses and permenent signatures posts. With no Hippa?


I know Colin says don't put it online if you don't want it public. I guess he never made any mistakes ad a teenager. Young people? Any thoughts? 


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