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Please describe how sugar revs up your symptoms


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I'm curious to know if and how auger effects everyone.  I'm having difficulty determining if my problems are related to too much sugar or not enough. Of course I've researched low sugar symptoms and those seem to mirror my current troubles with high anxiety and others. The past week has been nothing shOrt of NASTY with regards to anxiety. I don't eat lots of sugar/bread or pasta but have constant heart palps, anxiety and cold/numb extremities.


Looking forward to the weekend.

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Hi soonerdean,


I just posted about carbs and anxiety today on the anxiety board. I don't have any scientific information for you, but I definitely think there's a correlation between sugar and anxiety. For the past week I've been trying to eat healthy. As a result, I haven't been eating many carbs at all. I usually don't have too much anxiety, but the last couple days has been pretty bad. It's not a worry anxiety, but more of an adrenaline kind and for no reason. I noticed it almost disappears if I eat starchy carbs. Since carbs ultimately break down as sugar, I think the lack of sugar is the culprit for me. Maybe a hypoglycemic thing going on. So, no one has to twist my arm to get some more carbs and sugar in.


Maybe avoid sugars for a couple days and then add them back in. Hopefully you can figure out if that's a trigger for you. Regardless, anxiety is not fun and I hope you find some relief very soon.


I'm also looking forward to the weekend. All the best to you.


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