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Tapering off of Clonazepam and would love some support! No appetite!


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I have been on Clonazepam (Klonopin) for about 3 years now and I have finally made the decision to get weaned off properly by my doctor as I have cold turkey'd once and it was the worst 3 months! I am now on only .5 at night and in total all day....almost done! as to the final dosage he had me on was SIX (6) mg a day which I think is insane! I am now feeling extreme withdrawals and the hardest part is feeling extremely anxious and codependent, and now finally it is loss of appetite and extremely sore stomach with no appetite and weight loss. It has been about 2 months and a week now going from this weaning process and I am finally really feeling the effects and build up trying to work and hold a relationship and living place by myself and its somewhat scary now. Any advice would be super helpful especially with the severe anxiety feeling and no appetite and painful eating! Thank you! ???
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Hi Helpmethrough21 :hug:


Welcome to BenzoBuddies, we're glad you found us

Thanks for telling us a little about yourself, I'm sure you'll find a lot of support here.

There are several members tapering from klonopin so you're not alone.

Your going to be ok, it does get better 




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Hello Helpmethrough,


Welcome to our community.  All of us here know exactly what you are going through and are willing to help in any way we can.


These withdrawals can be so tough sometimes, but no matter what you feel, it is only temporary.  Did you taper from 6 mgs in 2 months?


Please feel free to ask questions and visit the various boards.  You will get through this, the body and brain is amazing in its ability to heal.





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