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Well i read a post now im really upset.

i took a course of cipro for 10 days in the beginning of

march..as i cant tolerate bactrim..

well i saw a post saying a lot of horrible things about cipro

now my mind is racing :'(


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Hi Benzo.

Don't assume it caused you a problem.  I took levaquin (same family as cipro) and it cleared up an infection and I was on valium at the time.  Not everyone reacts to cipro or levaquin although it would probably be a good idea to avoid them in the future given your sensitive CNS now.  Have you decided whether to ask your doctor for an a/d to help with your depression?



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Hi Benzo,


I second exactly what Vertigo said. I've also taken a course of both Cipro and Levaquin while on Klonopin and didn't have any ill effects from either of them. I would think you'd notice a reaction by now if it was going to happen. Try to not worry about unlikely possibilities (easier said than done, I know). Everyone is unique and reacts to things differently.


Hang in there and take care.


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