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Intro: Deciding to taper off Klonopin the right way - very slowly.


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Hi, I'm new here. This forum looks like a group of thoughtful, experienced and well-behaved people from whom I can learn a lot. I'm glad I found you.


My goal is to taper off Klonopin v-e-r-y slowly, especially as I don't have access to diazepam, which sounds like the most approved method of getting off benzos.


I should add that I also take Cymbalta and Ambien. But one thing at a time I guess.


Thanks for being here.

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Hello dawntreader,


Welcome to Benzo Buddies, we are so glad you found us.  It sounds like you have a good plan in mind for a nice slow taper from klonopin. 


This is a forum filled with kind and caring people who know what the withdrawal process is like and will encourage you along the way.


Others will be along to welcome you as well.


Please feel free to ask questions at any time.





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Hi dawntreader,


I echo all that pianogirl has said. 


BenzoBuddies is indeed a unique site where we all do care very much, and are very understanding, and considerate of one another.


Welcome.  It's nice to have you here. 


the best to you



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Welcome dawntreader,


This forum is a lifeline for those of us who want to taper off benzos safely.  I'm not sure about tapering multiple drugs, but for sure not the Cymbalta and benzos at the same time.  Maybe the benzos can both be tapered very slowly at the same time, but someone will chime in soon who knows more than I do about that.


We'll be here for you.


Challis :smitten:

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