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I'm not sure if many of you know that hypoglycemia(low blood sugar) or even sugar swings, causes a large amount of adrenaline and we all know that high levels of adrenaline are not counter to any productive sleep. Try to even out your food to complex carbs and proteins, preferably very small meals(snacks) every two hours.


I've also read that Glycerol or Glycerin helps knock down excess adrenaline.

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Hi On The Mend,

Very intersted in this.

I googled glycerol/ glycerin and low blood sugar and found a few more helpful tips which I have copied and pasted below. I hope you dont mind.


There are natural sources of glucose/fructose - like bananas, melon or grapes, that should raise BSLs.

If you mix a glass of warm milk with bananas you should have all the ingredients to produce serotonin, the calming hormone. This mixture has calcium, magnesium, tryptophan and B complex vitamins. It is also a good remedy for those that have insomnia,but may not work for others (See: "Hit of Miss Supplements for Depression").


And of course, if you have a high protein meal (two eggs on toast, or steak with potatoes) one or two hours before your speech, you will have a full stomach and will be converting these proteins into glucose at a slower rate.


Thank you for posting

Debbie  :)

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Last night at bed I had a glass of warm milk sweetened with vanilla stevia, rye bread with peanut butter, pumpkin seeds and banana. Then I took .25 mg of melatonin. Best sleep I have had in weeks, I did not wake up at 3 am with intense anxiety. Fingers crossed it works again tonight. Maybe it worked because my blood sugar levels were stable.  Thanks for the tips.
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