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Back to work..... am I ready? Any thoughts?


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I can't believe that I'm even considering this.  One of my worst sx was agoraphobia!!  I'm now able to go places by myself, although I'd rather not.  It's much more comfortable to have hubby with.


I have an opportunity to do some part-time work.  This is work I know that I would enjoy doing, and I think it will be a good diversion for me.  I think that I'm well enough.... but I'm not sure.


I'm going to interview for it next Tuesday.  Of course I'm anxious about it.


Biggest worries: 

Can I handle this?

Will I in any way compromise my healing?

What if a wave hits during work? 

What if the insomnia gets worse? 

What will I wear?  .... seriously with this benzo belly my clothes don't fit

What (if anything) should I tell these folks? 


Any input is greatly appreciated!!




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Hi, new around here but like to chip in if I may hope:


I think just the fact that have you come so far in cosidering this means you may well be ready for it.


Can you handle it? Given how strongly it is pulling you I would say yes - It is part time  :)


Will it compromise your healing? I don't know - Will it help your healing?


What if a wave hits during work - Can you ride the wave during part time hours to let it pass, how to you do at home when a wave hits? Can you cope with it?


What if the insomnia gets worse? - I guess go to work next day, it is part time remember


What will you wear? - Can you buy something new?


What should you tell these folks? - I would not tell anything personally, at least until you feel more comfortable with everything else, I think with the last question you have already decided to go for it, if so good on you, and good luck, I am no where near strong enough or ready enough to be taking such a step myself, makes me feel good that others are getting on, hopefully be there in the future myself.


Good luck with the interview  :thumbsup: (If you go for it of course  ;))

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Hi HenryK,

Thanks for your reply...  I like your perspective and answers.  Thanks!!


To answer your questions....


Will it help my healing?  This is what I'm thinking too ... that it just might.  Ashton reports in her manual that folks who work and/or have kids at home seem to do better.  So maybe the diversion will be good for me. 


What do I do at home when a wave is bad.... sob.  Loud, wailing sobs that send my husband hiding :)  Or I hunker down with my relaxation CDs.  Or I walk, walk, walk. 

This is the big issue.... not knowing how I will be, when...where this non-linear healing is going day-to-day, week-to-week.  It is scary not being able to trust my own body.  I still don't understand or know if/how stress impacts sx.  Sometimes I think not at all and sometimes the littlest thing seems to flare sx???  Just don't know.


Buy something new?    Well.  I don't know if you have benzo belly... but it is the weirdest thing.  I will be fine -- normal girth at one point in the day and suddenly, seriously suddenly I will be 5 - 9 months pregnant.  I live in yoga pants.  I'll figure out something to wear.  Probably stretchy dresses with jackets over to cover my "condition"!


Where are you in your healing?  You will be strong enough again someday.  Everyone is different in this process, but everyone heals :)


Thanks again for chipping in!

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