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Feeling better after at wits end


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I was literally hanging on yesterday, very dizzy for the second day, very disoriented, anxious, and derealized/depersonalized feeling, chilled, and my muscles were visibly twitching. Also, my muscles were profoundly cramped.


I tried taking a megadose of electrolytes finally even though I have no faith in vitamins at all. And this morning, I woke up feeling 80%!!!!


I took two doses each of 3000 mg chelated calcium, 750 mg magnesium, 50,000 IU prescription vitamin D, and 595 mg potassium gluconate.


No idea why this helped, and boy is my stomach upset, but my thinking was skewed so badly. I kept thinking, "I know I've felt this way before." And it dawned on me that I had when very dehydrated once from hiking.


Just wanted to share. No idea if this was just me, or if I was dehyrated, or if the w/d caused dehydration for some reason.


But I feel clear headed and not dizzy, not weak, my heart stopped its arrhythmias, my muscles are neither cramped nor twitching, I feel calmer, I can think straight again, and much of the buzzing in my skin has subsided. Also, the d/p and d/r are totally gone. Maybe it's just coincidence. But I'm pleased and wanted to share.


Maybe this should be in alternative treatments, though I wasn't sure.

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So glad to hear this. I am still waiting.... I am on the verge of tears thinking this won't pass, but your post. Gives me hope.  Just one day is all I ask for some relief.  Dehydration might make withdrawal worse.
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