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Help. I am 14 days clean and feel terrible


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I just jumped off 1mg Valium 14 days ago. I tapered long and very slow, I held 2mg for a month and then 1mg for three weeks. Finally I said just jump, screw it.


I'm on a leave of absence from work because of this. It's terrible. I've been out for 2 months now and I need to tell the owner what I plan to do within a few days.


Basically I feel like crap. Mild D/R, horrible anxiety, some agoraphobia (never had this in my life), general feeling of unease, high BP and dread.


Long story short, my pdoc said he thinks I have seen the worst of it as I have hit 14 days.


I need some hope right now. I feel like I can't return to work but I have no other options at the moment. Please tell me that I'll feel much better soon. And if you tell me a tale of protracted withdrawal I'll probably go out and kill myself ..... :(

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Hello jaegerwilk,


You are very early off valium and jumped off a pretty significant amount. Right now you are in the acute phase of withdrawal and your doctor is giving you information based on a majority of people who withdraw from benzos.  Everyone is different and you might be feeling well soon.  There is no way to tell or predict how long it will take. I hope you start to feel some relief soom.


The pressure of working is hard on the cns now and I am sorry that you have to deal with it.  What I can tell you is that you will get better.  It takes time for the balance to return and patience to wait for it.  Don't give up hope or belief that you will heal, it will happen.



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Hey jaegerwilk,


Pianogirl is right! Benzo recovery is a very individual experience and we get to share our help and hope with each other but its anyones guess how long it will take to get better. But I can tell you that it will happen!  You will get better!  This is the place for hope!  Hang in there!



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