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Hi Friends,


I have been reading a lot of posts and need to check in. I am on my last 0.5 mg of diazepam, down from 60mg in May 2012 when I crossed from 3mg of clonazepam. To help manage stress, I have been working from home twice a week. That being said, my cognition is severely limited right now. I have these days where I cannot get anything done and it is the worst feeling of pressure and stress and anxiety - I can literally feel it pulsing through my body and my head. It is becoming increasingly difficult to pretend this is OK anymore. I am thinking about taking Short Term Disability if I can qualify. I never thought it would come to this but I just feel, today, that I cannot continue. I called the useless doctor, which I never do, but he will just tell me I am at the end and it is very hard and I did great so far. That will not help me now. I feel like I am losing it a bit. I am safe inside my home but I cannot even think about going outside. I guess this might be some of the DP/DR people talk about. My head feels like it is floating. Any advice??




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I haven't been on Valium, so perhaps some of the buddies who have experience tapering from that can give you their advice.  I can relate to you about the cognitive difficulties and not wanting to do anything.  It has been extremely frustrating for me as well.


By the way, I do think you've done an awesome job in tapering that quick in just 10 months.  Many people could not handle that.  If you have to hold for a while, I would not think it inappropriate at all.


At any rate, perhaps some others with more experience in the Valium area can chime in here.


I certainly wish you well ...





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Hi Shetland,


I am so sorry about the anxiety, DP/DR.  It is so difficult to tough through it.  I know that once I got below 0.5 mg. things got more challenging.  Short term disability available through private disability is definitely an option.  Benzo withdrawal is not a diagnosis, but anxiety certainly is.  It is important that your doctor document your symptoms because the STD will request copies of your medical records.  You should not have any difficulty getting this approved.  It certainly is an option and I am glad that you have this available to you if you think it a good idea. 


One more thing. . .  Although you may think your doctor is "useless", I think he or she has it right!  You are doing great!!  Keep going!  :) Hugs, Klonkers

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