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How to deal with 'benzo withdrawal' related muscle wasting ?


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A little background.


Clonazepam is my poison.


The effects of intense exercise (anaerobic/bobybuilding and aerobic) are centrally mediated.

Meaning, you get the results through the CNS.


Low intensity exercise doesn't do squat for my muscles. They have almost completely atrophied.

That's not new, that's always been the case.


Because of extreme muscle wasting I recently decided to do some bodybuilding exercises - cautiously.

But it has been wreaking havoc with my sleep - major insomnia.

Current muscle mass almost zero.


Anyone in the same boat ? The negative effects of one training session seems to last for at least days.

How do you cope ?


Low to moderate intensity may be nice for the blood flow through my body but that's it.

My current mucle mass is almost zero.


Any way to mitigate the side effects ? Or do I have to accept that I have almost zero muscle mass ?


Having almost no muscles cannot be good for your health.

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