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any doctors in phoenix area using the ashton method?


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The doc I'm seeing runs the Birkmeyer Institute in Albuquerque.  He might be able to direct you to a good doc in Phoenix.  I recently read on here there is a good place in Sedona.
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Hi Mairin,


I don't know how far you are from Mesa, but my doctor is Stacia Kagie and her practice is in East Mesa. She isn't an addiction specialist, she is a general practioner, but she is a fantastic doctor. She understands tapering and even though my neurologist was the one who had been prescribing Klonopin, I asked her for help. He didn't believe Klonopin was addictive.


She gave me smaller and smaller doses of Klonopin so I could cut them up easier and taper down. She has been my doctor for years and she's the best I've ever had. I don't know how many cases she handles of people trying to taper or if she's taking new patients but she might be a good place to start. She's obviously familiar with other doctors in the Phoenix area and if she didn't want to handle your case herself, she could probably refer you to someone near you. Here's her info.


Kagie Stacia B DO

3035 S Ellsworth Rd

Mesa (480) 361-4809

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