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I'm new to this site.  I've been on and off benzo's for years.  Currently tapering off clonazepam 1.5mg using librium 20mg tid.

I also take lexapro 15mg qd, and seroquel 200mg qhs.  I tried the valium taper but felt awful.  Librium at least let's me function during the day.  I quit drinking and joined aa but relapsed fall 2010.  I was going through alot of stresses but I know in AA that's no excuse.  sober since 12/16/2010. 

dx bipolar II with ptsd.  My pdoc upped my lexpro last week from 10mg to 15mg and I feel alot better.. I was spending days in front of the tv watching movies feeling anxious/depressed and crawling out of my skin.  Taking the librium three times daily helps alot. 

My first detox was from 12mg of ativan using librium-took six months.  I ended up in the psych ward  a few months later.  Eventually I went back on 1 mg of clonazepam.  I was able to stop that last fall but then I started cracking my teeth a night and went to 2mg of clonazepam at night.  My endodontist suggested I get a sleep study-I have sleep apnea and now use a cpap machine faithfully.  Also wear a mouth guard.  clonazepam was worsening my depression and thus I am now tapering off benzo's. 

The general plan is eventually to be off benzo's and just take lexapro and seroquel.

I don't know why, but the past few days I've haven't felt this good in a long time- probably the increased lexapro.

I also restarted my fish oil, b12, vitd and calcium.  Omega 3 epa is supposed to be really good for depression/bipolar disorder.


Good website for those of us who are bipolar-psycheducation.org :yippee:

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Welcome aboard, zorski.  I also am tapering from Clonazepam (1.75 mg.).  I actually broke a porcelain crown by teeth-clinching at night and plan on eventually getting a mouth guard as well, so I know what you are talking about there. 


Going back on Paxil helped me to relax and sleep while tapering off of the Clonazepam.  I am currently holding, but plan on tapering the C in the near future (as my body can handle it).  Fortunately, I'm working with a good doctor during my taper.


At any rate, welcome aboard and I hope your tapering goes well.





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