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What Defines a Window?


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I've had days when I've felt much better, almost completely normal, except for a few symptoms like a bit of tinnitus and minor on and off pins and needles in my feet. Other than that I've had a lot of energy and was ready to take on the world.


This has only lasted for a day, or two at the most and then I get hit with a wave.


I've heard some people say that a "Window" is a time when you are back to your old self and symptom free. If this is the case then I've never had a window.


Is there a clear definition of what a "Window" is?

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I would say those days where you felt much better were definately windows.

Even if you had a few lingering mild symptoms...

if you have to be COMPLETELY symptom-free to be considered having a window, I NEVER had one either!  ;)


Enjoy those windows when you get them, and know that they are a sign of healing and that you will get more and more...

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