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Help! I'd love some input on my taper plan? Very anxious.


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I just joined the board.  To be as succinct as possible- I had tapered down from 6 mgs of Xanax (took for one year) to 3.5 about a month ago(just straight taper)


For the last month at 3.5 I have had the usual horror w/d symptoms I see stated on here.  I feel for everyone.  :'(


I knew it was time to stop this.  It wasn't working any longer.  I talked to my doctor because I was really suffering and she added 20 mgs Valium a day to help ease the symptoms believing the increase and the longer lasting half life would help.  She got that right.  ANd I have heard it is becaseu I just updosed - I know.  :(


I did a little experimentation with replacing Xanax with Valium a couple times this week and didn't really notice the symptoms coming back. (Eventually want to be all on Valium and then got off that asap)


I talk to the doctor Monday and she will obviously be the one to give the final ok but I have created a plan I am hoping someone here can look at and give thoughts about?


Here is the plan I came up with:


Staring Monday


Am .5 Xanax 5mg Valium

Afternoon 1 mg Xanax

Bed  .5 Xanax 5 mg Valium.


So as far as I can tell - I will be on the equivalent of 3 mg Xanax by using the Valium in place of Xanax.  And therfore dropping from 3.5 (for the most part) to 3 mgs. 


Anybody ever try somehting close to this and found it worked?  Any advice is taken to heart.  I love the support here.  Thank you!!

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Thanks Skyy!


Yes I did.  But it looked so precise and scientific and I know I am functioningg from a much more emotional and fuzzy place. (wanting to be done with these!)


So are you suggesting I better do it that way?  Or could my way work?  Or just blow up in my face?  It really does seem confusing and I feel like a year ago before I ever took these darn little things I would be able to figure this out on my own, using the manual and feeling confident I was doing it "right"


If I do it wrong will I cause myself a heck of a lot more suffering? Then I'll just feel worse about myself.  I feel so guilty to have gotten to this point anyway. I hate myself for such ignorance. And the spiral downward continues...


Without telling me what to do.  I do know it is only suggestions.  Does my idea look really off kilter?


I will talk to the doc but she really doesn't have any set plan, but is very supportive in what i come up with. 


So here I am trying to come up with something!  :-\


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The main rule of thumb is not to cut your dose by more than 10%, you may even want to go lower than 10%. Cuts greater than 10% will be too much for your body and mind.


I cannot help re: the crossover as I did that part of my taper wrong by not crossing over gradually, but if you ask on here, someone who is familiar with crossovers will help.


I also feel less confidence in my ability to do things. I could see how the ashton manual may look daunting, those taper charts.

Those charts were done over 30yrs ago, and now we have learnt more and realise that a slower taper works, see the 10% thing above.


Dont, above all things, dont hate yourself. You werent to know. Thousands of people put their trust in doctors cos they have trained hard and have a lot of knowledge, except when it comes to benzos, they are ignorant as they are not trained, and it takes specialist organisations like Battle Against TRanquilisers and forums like this for us to learn.


It's good that you are trying to come up with something.

You cannot plan in this game, as we have to constantly listen to our bodies and minds to get the dose amounts and times right, as we go along in our taper.

If you stick by the guideline that cuts should be no more than 10% and can be even less, and leave enough time between cuts to stabilise, remembering that valium stays in the body 3 weeks, then we cannot go far wrong.


All you can do at the moment, is get someone to  help you devise a gradual crossover plan, and a rough taper guide, being willing to adapt the taper to your bodys needs as you go along.


Hope that helps.

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I sense your nervousness. It's like figuring out the best route down a steep hill in a toboggan that's almost impossible to steer!


You know, the Ashton crossover schedule starts at a 4.0 xanax dose. If I were you, I'd be tempted to follow it to the letter. Because, you see, she understood the pharmacology and the nature of withdrawal, and there was a lot of experience and thought that went into this schedule. Your schedule also reflects much thought. But I think there's a lot to be said for keeping an even blood level of benzo going, and with your schedule you have some ups and downs in your benzo blood level. The other attraction for using Ashton's schedule is that the tapering is all worked out. I think my tapering and getting benzo free was made possible by starting with a written schedule and then recording doses taken and symptoms. There were many, many times I was tempted to updose -- and I did on two occasions -- but I soon learned it was of no long-term benefit.


Ultimately you have to use the tapering schedule that makes you most comfortable. Keep us informed.

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