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totally unfunctional can anyone relate?


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hello all

i have not left my home except doc appt. for 3 1/2 months. ANY stimulas makes my

heart pound along with the sense of disorientation & a multitude of other w/d symptoms.

can anyone relate and key in with some of their coping ways that work.

i don't now how much longer i can deal with this. i slowed my taper down to 5%.

does time help? anyone?  :sick:


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Hi liljoe,


Yes, I am sure that there are those of us who can relate to the total "unbelievability" factor that comes along with the territory in separating ourselves from these drugs. 


The thing that helps me deal with my symptoms is knowledge of why I am having the symptoms and they cannot hurt me and reassurance ad nauseum.  Please keep posting!  We understand and are here to support you.  :)Hugs, Klonkers

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H liljoe,


I can relate to this. I constantly feel lazy and worthless as I look at the state of my home while I sit at the computer for most of my waking time just to distract myself from how crap I feel. I am worse down at 1.5mg than previously.


I could easily lapse into never going anywhere but I force myself too as I fear that agoraphobia will set in from being away from other people too much.


Did slowing your taper down help at all? I am thinking of speeding mine up. I too am very sick of this and wonder how long I can last. It is affecting all my relationships as well as myself.


Can't really offer any suggestions as I would like some myself. I don't really think there are any answers.


If I thought an antidepressant would help I would take one, but I don't think it would from past experience.


Best Wishes



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