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Lost hope


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Hey Ray,


You´ll get through this, know and believe it because it is a fact, you WILL be healed, it´s hard but everyone gets through this, you just have to let time work it´s recovery on you... try and distract and if not, read success stories... you are NO different, it´s just the w/d making you think these things... none of it is true at all... try telling yourself that you WILL get better... it´s hard to accpt feeling bad but remember recovery can happen very suddenly, so each day you hold on, the closer you are to getting that much needed relief, it WILL happen so keep your chin up.





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I know it seems rough, but Oscar made some good points.  Your body is healing each day and each day you are closer to your goal.  It just takes time for the GABA receptors to repair themselves and everyone is different.  I felt very discouraged yesterday but am doing better today.  I wish the healing was linear, but that is not usually how it works.


Wishing you well and praying for you...





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