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Listening to Xanax New York Magazine March 18th 2012


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Hey ChrisW:


I was just about to post this article after I read it in print page format (was easier for my benzo brain today) somewhere else and thought maybe someone on BB already did. I'm glad I looked for it first.


I found the article by Lisa Miller to be very interesting.


I wish she could have talked about how difficult it is to get off benzos after long term use; but that would be a separate article in itself. Plus, she would have to tread carefully on making such claims and would most likely get sued by big pharmaceuticals and never get published again.


I remember the Prozac age (or rage) and read the book Prozac Nation and any other information on Prozac.  Now we are in the Benzo age. Too bad it took me 13 years to figure out what anti-anxiety meds meant.


She discusses all those people taking benzos for this and that who will eventually end up becoming an accidental addict if they are not benzo wise.  Very sad indeed.



Note: The last part of the article with the picture sketches:


© A young working mother juggling her job, kids, and assorted domestic duties feels constantly stressed about her to-do list.


→ She relies on KLONOPIN.

Klonopin is a longer-acting benzodiazepine with less withdrawal risk than other drugs in the category, providing relief without producing a high. "It is not a 'fun' drug," says Columbia clinical-psychiatry professor Philip Muskin.



And this disclaimer in the article:

*All examples here assume low dosages. Case histories of real people are of course far more detailed and nuanced than these hypotheticals; those vagaries, along with physicians' preferences, mean that actual prescriptions will definitely vary.


NY Magazine doesn't want to get the large pharmaceutical companies to get upset, do they ... they depend on their advertising revenues or the editor-in-chief or owner sits on a multi-national pharma board.



Oh and the assumptions that all these examples are of "a low dose".... so let's say Klonopin could be 1mg/day (doesn't look like a high does it; I never thought so back then; I was told it was low) and we know what happens when taken long term. I'm in the process of tapering from that sh*t with the (D) example.


Very interesting that the article says Klonopin has less withdrawal risk than the other benzos. Yeah, right. What planet are they on?



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