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trigger points and benzo wd


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i posted this once but would like to hear some opinions

was off benzo for 2 mths plus

started massage therapy for triggerpoints(knots that develop in muscle tissues)

have them in my neck and feet/hip

what i found out was that after a session i would be feel good

but then sick for a few days

then i went into an unexplained relapse

and began benzos again

what happens is toxins are released with the massage

you get swollen glands as well and feel like you have the flu

they cause tension headaches,jaw pain/facial sensations

triggers points  in each muscle group causes symptoms

almost ready to jump (day a away)

then begins the confusion on what to do about triggers

with fear of a repeat

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Hmm..... I was considering Physio on my neck to see if it would help with intense head pains!

Decisions decisions.


do you get spasms and wierd sensations in neck and back of your head?

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