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Ashton-knowledgeable docs in Eastern Mass?


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Hi, Buddies,


I tapered off Ativan (w/out bad symptoms)--but two weeks later started going crazy w/ insomnia and anxiety. Combed the Web and found psychiatrists in Eastern Mass/Boston who are supposedly benzo-wise *or* highly regarded addiction specialists (which doesn't necessarily mean they're hip to the Ashton method).


1. If you live in Eastern Mass, have you been fortunate to work with a helpful/knowledgeable specialist?


2. Are you familiar w/ any of these psychiatrists?


Xianyang Li (from benzodocs.com)

Rebecca Lundquist (ditto)

Stephen Rosenthal (ditto)


Domenic Ciraulo

Nancy Nitenson

Mark Green

Joseph McCabe


Olivera Bogunovic

Shelly Greenfield

Roger Weiss







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