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For all those in acute w/d or 3-6 months off...


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Hi Guys,


I've posted this before, but I'm posting it again, because there are many new folks.


One of the things that helps me SO much, on many levels, is to have a "recovery" calendar.  I am not one to journal. Especially when I was having very bad days, I didn't want to write it down at all. Instead, I used and still use a calendar. One page. I put it on my bathroom wall next to the toilet where I see it a lot. 


Each day, if it was a BAD day, I just put a slash through it. If it was good, I circled it. If it was a window day, I wrote "W" on the day.


Over time, you can see the patterns emerge.  In month three -EVERY day was bad. In month 4, about half were bad, 1/4 were circled as "okay", and about 10 or so were "W" days.  Relative windows. 


As time has gone on, not only am I able to see my recovery pattern, which is really encouraging, but I am also orienting again to the date, the month, and the week on a regular basis. I put small notes on my calendar for certain things I did like "First time out to the grocery store" and "got the kids shoes today", etc. It has REALLY helped put things in perspective as far as time, orientation to things, etc.


As a former speech therapist, I can defnitely tell you that visual aids like an orientation notebook, visual schedules, calendars - these are all HUGE in recovering from brain injury. The MORE visual aids we can create for ourselves, the more we will begin to orient and remember again. We can do a lot to make this happen even as GABA is healing.


Here is a link to such a calendar. It's simple and easy.  Just tape it near your toilet or on the bathroom mirror. I look at it every time I go to the bathroom. I count weeks, days since my last window - and I look back to January when things were utter chaos and I see how far I have come. YOU WILL COME FAR TOO!!!! Give yourself a way to put things in perspective so that you can remember you DID and DO have good days. And if you haven't had any yet, dont' worry. I didnt' have any really until starting about 4 months -and then at 5 months it started gettnig really good compared to earlier.


Here is acalendar to use...






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