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Lower the dosage clear is my mind


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I noticed that since I made 2 cuts on  2/21/12 from .50 morning to 25 now morning and .50 bed time i have some w/s first cut only problem has been stomach after eating  some bad thoughts they can be even in normal life , but my mind is clear though i is not like be drunk or sleepy ,till i reach i other dosage sometimes i feel like w/s like my body need it but if i work or do something it pass .

Now i think my tapering is going quite good . It is really important the desire not to take the drug and to make the mind to to go back

I wish to cut all the morning dosage than i will go slower with bedtime dosage .


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Hi Glosarti!


How are you doing?  I haven't seen you on the forum since your new introduction.  I'm glad your tapering is going well.  Go slowly, don't rush things.  Hang in there, you will be be benzo free afterwards and your life will be better.




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Hi Mimi


thanks yeah  i made an other small cut after 26 days in of the first cut so i will do like this and i am aware if i rush will be much more W/S but now i am trying to teach myself  how to cope without pills .

I don't stay that much here i like more to stay outside work what i can than read all the day about diffrent stories i do where i feel better

reading some stories increase can increase my anxiety .

  I like to make exercise maybe they help me too cause when i do them feel happy cuz i got shape body .

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