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Please help me figure my next Klonopin cut...


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I am currently down to 1.5 mg of Klonopin.  .5mg in the morning and 1mg before bed. I want to cut the .5 by 5%. I need help in figuring the amount 5% would be and how I could split the pill that amount. I just can't figure either. Please help! :)
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I can't think of a way to cut 5% off any pill size.  :-\  I could never cut my pills smaller than in 1/4s with any accuracy at all and that meant my smallest dose reductions were .125mg (25% of .5mg).  If you want to make small reductions with accuracy, I think you should consider titration.


BTW, I'm curious about why you want to reduce from the smallest dose rather than the bedtime one.  I'm guessing it's because sleeping is a problem for you but am asking because usually it's best to keep your blood level somewhat even throughout the day.  Do you feel any increase in symptoms before you take your bedtime dose?  If not, maybe you are a slow metabolizer and will do okay on a 1/day dose.  Just something to consider.  There is no "one size fits all" method to this.  ;)

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Thanks, Beeper! This info is very helpful. Thanks for the suggestion, too. May give it a try. To answer your question...yes, I take the 1 mg at night to insure sleep. However, one of my main reasons for getting rid of this poison is that I want to get restful sleep like I use to get. I feel tired during the day and my eyes are blurry and painful. I attribute this to low quality sleep.s


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Hello chipshot65,


I saw your question and put together some information that may be helpful. I included an example at the bottom of how to get a 4.1% dose reduction from 1.5mg of Klonopin.



You get the % by taking the dose reduction and dividing it by the dose you are currently at. For example; a 0.03125mg dose reduction from 0.5mg is a 6.25% dose reduction.  0.03125 divided by 0.5 = 6.25% reduction.


I have been dry-cutting. I have learned some important things about this process for me:




1) I have found that I need to hold for no shorter than 2 weeks. . That is because Klonopin has a half-life of 30 to 40 hours and the generic clonazepam has a half-life of 18 to 50 hours. It takes five half-lives to get a dose reduction out of our system.

2) I listen to my body and hold until it feels like it has adjusted to the new lower dose. I usually get a few lower symptom days before I do another dose reduction.

3) My average holds have been 2 to 4 weeks

4) In order to keep the symptoms at a tolerable level, I keep my cuts around 10% or lower.

5) I have been able to keep my cuts below 10% by going to .03125mg when I hit .5mg of Klonopin.




In case you are interested in how I am able to dry cut the lower doses:


Cutting .25mg:

Here is how I am able to get the .25mg pieces. I break the .5mg tablet in half.  The brand Klonopin is scored and breaks in half easily.



Cutting .125mg


Take the .25mg and cut that in half. That is a .125mg piece. . I use an angle razor like a box cutter. And cut on hard surface like glass or a mirror.


Cutting .0625mg


I have the 0.5mg Klonopin.


I break the 0.5mg tablet in half then, I cut 1/4th off of that. I use an angle razor like a box cutter. I have found that the razor is thinner and sharper than the pill splitters I have worked with. Yet, I have read that some have no problem using pill splitters.


I cut the 1/4 off of the tablet on a glass surface. I have found the glass surface to be hard enough to get a clean cut. I press down firm and fairly fast. The 1/4 breaks away (from the .25mg). Now I have 0.0625mg.


NOTE: If you are unable to get a chip that is .0625 mg then you could crush it into powder. That would work as well. You would take a .25 mg piece and separate it into 4 piles.


Cutting .03125mg (Powder)


The way I get the .03125mg is I crush a .25mg piece and separate the powder into 8 piles. I happen to have a window scraper so that is what I use or you could use a razor. I crush the .25mg on a dinner plate with the top part of a pill crusher. Then use the window scraper or razor to separate the pile into 8. Each pile is .03125mg.


Note: (What I do is crush the portion of the tablet. Then I put it in one pile. I do my best with the razor to separate the pile into two. Then I take the two piles and separate them into two. That makes four piles. Then I take those and separate them into two more piles. That makes eight.)


Cutting .0156mg (Powder)


The way I would get a .0156mg cut is by crushing .125mg piece (to get the .125mg, cut the .25mg in half). Then crush the .125mg on a dinner plate, into powder with the top of a pill crusher. I happen to have a window scraper so that is what I use or you could use a razor. Then separate the piles into 8. Each pile is .0156mg.


NOTE: With the powder, here is how I take it. I lick my finger, press it on the powder, then I put the powder in my mouth. Then I drink some water after.


Here is an example from 1.5 mg Klonopin doing a 0.0625mg mg dose reduction:






1.4375mg Total

That is a 4.1% reduction.


So, you would take the 3 pieces in the morning and the 1.0 mg in the evening.


I hope this is helpful,




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An alternative is using a jeweler's scale. That's what I'm doing. You can get one from amazon.com. The one I'm using is the Gemini scale. This allows me to make very small cuts. Currently I'm cutting 5%.


It's rather simple. You weigh the pill and calculate how much it should way if you cut 5% off the pill. Shave the pill with a knife or razor blade until it weighs the right amount. 

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