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Forehead feeling cold, not being able to cry - have normal tears & chest vibrate


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Hello Everyone,


Since the beginning, I have felt the area just under my forehead has a cold, numb feeling with a weird sensation that something is moving like a vertical nerve - weird sounding I know, but I don't know how else to describe it. What is this?


Ever since this has started, I have the emotion to cry, but for whatever reason,  I can't get tears to come out - has anyone else experienced this, please share. It is as if something has blocked the mechanism.


Chest vibrating - I feel the tremors in my right arm has moved into my chest, too. Does anyone else have this weird sensation? Please share.


Thank you.

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I sometimes get the feeling of vibrating in my chest. I read that this a w/d symptom.

I have ongoing feelings of movement in my head. Some feel like brain waves on steroids (my description). Sometimes they are faster, and sometimes a little slower. I have had a lot of feelings in my forehead like it has gotten really heavy and solid. This happens when I try to think more deeply on something or if I'm stressed.


So often I've wondered if anybody else has the symptoms I have and when I ask, I find that theirs are sometimes similar but also unique to them. The list seems to be endless.

Have you read the Heather Ashton Manual? This lists quite a few of the symptoms. Someone else mentioned a book that listed 200 plus but I can't remember what it was called.


I'm sorry that I can't help more with your questions and fears. Maybe someone else will answer you.


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I had the "unable to cry" deal. It is getting better I think.


I hate feeling like I need to cry but I can't. I know what you mean. You'll feel so emotional, and you'll start to feel the crying about to begin, you might get a little moist in the eyes, and that's it. Done.


Is that hows your is?


One thing I'm having to learn though is... the past 4 years I cried A LOT for a dude. A LOT! And hard sometimes. But looking back, I'm pretty sure It was the ativan doing this to me.


So NOW I have to get used to NOT crying as much. It's not normal to CRY as much as I used too. So that's how I'm looking at this.


I'm still getting some kinks here and there. This week, achy back, muscle stiffness and soreness... and of course twitching is still with me. Hate it.


Get well. =)

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Thank you for your post. I get the moist eyes, too, but nothing more unless I try to keep crying and even then not much comes out.


I feel like I get new symptoms each week. I thought one would get all the symptoms in the beginning and have them come off the list and not get new ones months out. Did this happen to you?


I still question whether it is withdrawal at times because of getting these symptoms later down the road. I am having a lot of arm tremors that have moved to the other arm, now, and in my chest. Have you heard about that or experience that yourself?


Twitching is huge. I have it all over. Has your subsided at all or still pretty active?

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It seem you were only on Lorazepam for a month or so. I would guess that the CT is causing you more trouble than you might otherwise have had. There is almost certainly nothing wrong with you - nothing pathological that is - though it very much feels that way. You are being fooled by your out of whack CNS, pure and simple. Accept that this is going to be the reality for awhile until your CNS correct itself.
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