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Praise be to Healing


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I write this very cautiously. So since last Thursday I have been in a much better place. While I still get symptoms and even had an attack while I was at therapy, this weekend was the first weekend I didn't let the withdrawl control me. My mind is more in the game of healing and I am starting to feel better. The one thing that has been really bothering me over the past five days is the temple headaches. When I smile it hurts and its kind of upsetting because for the fist time since I can remember I feel like smiling. I started therapy last week and my psychologist who isn't a substance abuse therapist but waited the whole session to see if we needed one, was great. I feel more like my old self and while I am not 100% I still feel at 60% which to me shows progress. The reason of the caution is because I know I probably won't stay like this for ever but it does reconfirm to me that I got off for the right reason and I will continue to heal no matter how bad it gets. Kate and Gardenia thank you both for your ongoing support. It has meant more then I can ever tell you. I'm going to enjoy the next minutes/hours/days or hopefully months that I feel this way and hope to improve even more!


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