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Day 6


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It's day 6 six today and still no Lorazapam. Felt a little bit better today, but still a bit spaced out. Met a friend from the clinic I was an inpatient at this morning for coffee. Then went to the gym and had a steam and a jaccuzi after my work out. Then had to sort a few things with my lawyer as I'm in the process of buying an appartment.


Sleep last night wasn't great, but I did eat a bit too much before bed. Wasn't a great idea. Ended up taking 15mg of Zopiclone but still was fairly light and I had  very vivid dreams. I really want to shake off the Zopiclone, but I think I need to shake off the benzo withdrawals first. I don't want to just replace one problem with another. Meeting with GP tomorrow evening to get my Venlafaxine script. I really hope that will help my mood. I find that if I keep doing things, gym, swimming, walking I can prevent my mind wandering and the worst of the w/d symptoms seem to be kept at bay.


Anyway, that's how I'm feeling today.


Cheers Jim  :)

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