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Am I having a minor flare up? This achy back thing sucks!


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So I'm 4.5 months out of 4 years "yo yo" use of ativan.


A s/x I've had throughout my taper was achy back and fatigue.


Then after I jumped it left, but came back I think a couple of times, then left again, havent had it in a long time I don't think.


Pretty much been symptom free for a while, except for muscle twitching still, wish that would LEAVE! (My pdoc doesnt think the twitching is all from ativan w/d. I think he's full of it. Well, not full of it... but he just doesnt know. He thinks it's from anxiety, but I'm not anxious!)


Anyways, the past 3 days this achy back symptom has reappeared. It stinks! I've explained the sensation before... It's like that achy back you get when you have the flu or a fever. Just achy to the touch. Not a sore muscle (not like a muscle you pulled or worked out) not like that. It's just achy! My t-shirt on my back touching it feels awful at times.


Is this w/d? Or should I get this checked out? I'm totally NOT worried about it one bit! So I'll save my $$ I think and save me a copay at the Dr's office for a clean bill of health.


Also my left thumb today has felt tingly in the tip of it off and on. Like the circulation has kind of cut off sensation? Weird.


Anyways, just seeing if I can get a little reassurance. I'm sure it will eventually pass. =) Thanks guys.

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Hey you!


I don't have this, but honestly, I think it's normal and you're fine.  I know - call me a loser. What do I know?  :) But I think that you're doing SO well so soon that it may be hard to believe these little quirks are from the Ativan. But I think they are.  You're young - and in decent shape. I don't think the fact that your shirt sits on your back and hurts is anything to worry about. Like - it's not back cancer.  It's not anything you can see like a lesion. It's just sore. And as disconcerting as I'm sure it is, that ain't nothin' sweetie. :)  Just try to take it in stride and ride it out.  It'll be gone soon enough and you'll be back on here typing this to somebody in a few months and recounting when you were concerned about your back but how it went away. :) I can almost see in it my mind. You're doing great! :thumbsup:




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